C Ways Equus Coaching

C Ways Equus Coaching is about developing creativity, authenticity, and leadership.

Horses challenge you to look at your true feelings and motivations for achieving any goals. They require you to become a leader in your own right while remaining sensitive to the needs of the herd.

They require you to balance reason with intuition and pay attention to the nonverbal nuances of interactions. They demand that you move fluidly through paradox and embrace individual and collective consciousness simultaneously.

To horses, the end never justify the means.

One of the biggest hurdles to individual success is the ability to see ourselves clearly and be fully present for ourselves and others.

Horses help us recover, the beauty, power, and nobility of our own spirit…that elusive Presence so easily lost in the fenzy and disconnection of life. They reflect back our authentic self, the self beneath the superficial societal self.

Horses read energy and intention and react to your emotional state, objectively reflecting back your innermost feelings. They act as mirror of emotions and relations that are sometimes difficult to identify in a personal and professional context.

Horses teach us how to access our body awareness and communicate more effectively for powerful results. They provide immediate feedback on the type of leader we are, our way of addressing others, expressing ourselves, giving orders, working in a team, etc.Horses help us find congruence.