Start your online coaching practice Today & Go global!

Because we all started from scratch as coaches, we know the difficulties one new coach can encounter when trying to set up his/her new coaching practice, particularly when comes the time to go online.

You may face some lack of flexibility in packages where a minimum of “big” users is requested to have access to a webinar platform, annual fee, and so on…

The world has changed and coaching as well!

More and more, clients are free to choose their coach from all over the globe. WHY NOT YOU?

Why not to be present on this giant net and have more opportunities to offer your services globally, being able to upload your eBooks, develop your online courses and seminars, organise your team or group coaching through a totally independent platform? You will be able to advertise your company profile with your own logo and with a strictly private area for you and your coachees, and set up your coaching practice.

If you are going to start your online coaching practice you are going to need an E-Coaching platform to offer your services on. You are also going to need some type of framework to help you grade, assess, manage and administer the coaching process. Our selected Coaching Management System (CMS) or Learning Management System (LMS) helps you do just that.

In the past, we have partnered with numerous LMS service providers. We came across with a variety of unpleasant experiences until we met our actual partners. Through this positive experience, came to us the idea to assist some of you to go viral and become Coach of the world!

We believe in the spread of positive energy and well-intended action, we believe that by supporting the coaching community we help the citizens of the world to feel better, increase self-awareness and live in harmony with the whole universe.

We believe in making a better place where to live!