Together Inspiring Personal Success!

Coffee Coaching is a great new open forum open networking group happening in the North part of Athens in Kifisia.

Two Friday afternoon per month from 3PM until 5PM, Carole will provide a program that includes a short teaching on topics to help people move their professional and/or personal lives forward. Then we will have a discussion about the topic. Following the discussion, we will have at least 20 minutes of “speed coaching” and end with some networking.


The two cornerstones of Coffee Coaching are the bi-monthly program/discussion and the Speed coaching.

Program topics are wide ranging and varied, focusing on actionable information for professional or personal development.

Coffee Coaching program for the next few weeks includes:

  • April 08: Secrets to Effective Goal Setting
  • April 22: You’ve Set Goals, Now What?
  • May 6: How to Stop Feeling Awkward when Networking

After the program topic is presented, we will have a general discussion and Q&A on the topic. My goal is to get you thinking and figuring out how to apply principles to help you work. Discussion and questions help people get ideas they wouldn’t have had otherwise just listening to somebody talk (no matter how entertaining…).

Following the discussion, Carole will do some “speed coaching” for interested individuals. Any individual with a challenge they are facing can sign up and participate. The participant will give a one to two minute summary of the challenge they are facing.

Carole will then ask them some questions. Depending upon the size and complexity of the challenge, we will develop a game plan for the participant to use. It might be an overarching strategy. It might be a key next step. But you can be sure that the participant will feel empowered to make that next step if they choose.

There will be a sign-up sheet for speed coaching at each session. (You can also sign up by emailing me your topic). There is no limit to the number of speed coaching sessions you can get, but you can only get one at each session. We also want to be fair to everybody, so if the line is long, you might be asked to wait if others have not had a previous opportunity.

Who should participate?

Coffee and Coaching is open to anybody interested in personal or professional development. It will be of especial interest to business owners, executives, and up-and-coming employees.

Location! Location! Location!

62 Gounari
14562 Kifisia

Book your seat now. Places are limited to 8 participants!

Any Cost ?

The great news about Coffee and Coaching is that there is no cost to participate when it is your first time! If you wish to join more than once then we kindly ask a participating fee of 15 euros (includes beverages and printing material).


If you feel you want to participate to one of our Coffee Coaching Table or you want more information, Get in Touch with us or contact Carole directly at +30 210 801 42 79.

Alternatively you can schedule a private coaching session with Carole and her team. This could be a single session or you could create a series of sessions that include in person one-on-one time, phone sessions, and email question support. We can customize a plan that works for you and your budget. Contact us for details.

Become a coach


Become an accredited Professional or Master Coach (APC - AMC)


12 days + 1 day supervision
F2F & Webinars
10 hours Group &
Individual supervision
Certification APC
ACC portfolio ICF


22 days + 1 day supervision
F2F & Webinars
10 hours Group &
Individual supervision
Certification MPC
ACC & PCC portfolio ICF