Coach Supervision

Given the increasing complexity and challenging nature of many of today’s coaching issues it is an absolute necessity for professional coaches to have a place to reflect on their work.

It is important that every coach should themselves have a safe and confidential environment in which to explore what is happening for them in their coaching relationships, as well as issues around their competence and any areas in which they or their clients appear “stuck”.

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During the coach supervision process, you develop new skills and strategies enabling you to be more effective in your role as a coach, you gain insight and understanding about your current coaching situation. You receive constructive feedback on your actions and approaches, allowing you to raise your level of confidence and dramatically increase the level of your coaching interventions.


The purpose of coach supervision is to improve effectiveness, promote competence and excellence in coaching practice, whilst also providing protection for the client and the coach. Coach supervision supports the continuing learning and development of the coach.

We offer Supervision for coaches in four different ways;

  • Individual supervision for sole and corporate coaches
  • Group supervision sessions
  • Supervision as an integrated part of internal coach development programmes
  • Supervision for developing and qualifying coaches


Coach Supervision is offered face-to-face, on a one-to-one, via phone or web meeting, and can also be a blend of all. You decide what fits the best to your need. We supervise in English & French.

Before we start together, we plan a 10 minutes free discussion to get to know each other and see if we are aligned about the journey and outcomes.

Check out our Coach Supervision plans and see what resonates with you. Alternatively Get in Touch with us for more information