A brief introduction…

C Ways Group coach training programs were created in the year 2007 with a vision to offer the most innovative and diversified coaching training programs to future coaches.

Each individual responds differently when comes the time to acquire new skills, go through changes and transformation. In that perspective, coaches need to be skilful and flexible enough to bring out the best of each of their client.

Our experience has proven that when coaches can articulate together various tools and methodologies, chances are that they will be able to address their services to a larger spectrum of people.

For this reason, our coaching training programs offer a variety of approaches and techniques; methodologies and coaching models which are all articulated around the concept of Emotional Intelligence.

We strongly believe that coaching deploys its full power when coaches demonstrate a high level of emotional intelligence combined with an extended set of technical tools.

Since our first steps, we have trained over 500 coaches from various countries around the world, we have industry credibility and stand out as expert in our core business.

Following the market trends and customers demand, we have innovated in various fields bringing in new and innovative tools.

In 2015, we have launched our new E-Learning coaching programs, offering the possibility to our students to access and study from the comfort of their home, at their own pace.

Our programs are dedicated to the development of coaching skills in leadership population and those working to become independent professional coaches. They are delivered by accredited professional coaches with outstanding coaching experience, coupled with high level of personal development and hands on expertise.

As an accredited C Ways Group Coach; you hold the designation of Accredited Professional Coach (APC) or Accredited Master Coach (AMC) and you can apply via the Portfolio pathway for your ICF credential.

We choose to align our coach training programs with the International Coach Federation (ICF). We also support our students toward their accreditation process to any coaching federation they will choose to apply to. We assist and support our students delivering supervision and mentoring according to the ICF guidelines.

We are proud to mention that we have a track record of 100% success rate with our students applying to coach certification.

If you have identify the need to build coaching skills within your organization, we also prepare tailored made coaching programs adjusted to your need and environment and future objectives. Contact us

Welcome to your coaching journey

Welcome to your coaching journey. Take your place and enroll now to one of our coaching program.

Alternatively Contact us for a detailed discussion and decide whether you would like to move on with our team and become part of our coaching community.

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Become a coach


Become an accredited Professional or Master Coach (APC - AMC)


12 days + 1 day supervision
F2F & Webinars
10 hours Group &
Individual supervision
Certification APC
ACC portfolio ICF


12 days + 1 day supervision
F2F & Webinars
10 hours Group &
Individual supervision
Certification AMC
ACC portfolio ICF