Become a coach...

Becoming a coach is a transformative experience. Being a coach is a way of life. Staying a coach is an attitude!

Becoming a coach requests a little bit more than reading some  good books or a few days of training.

Becoming a coach with strong roots and aptitudes requires strong commitment to personal development and the willingness to take the time to mature, just like good wines do!

Coaching individuals or teams is not just applying some magic tools hoping that the results will happen.

Coaching is an Art and it requires an extended set of tools, as well as, a full range of attitudes, ways of thinking and a good dose of personal understanding or self-awareness.

You have decided to become a coach

You felt the call for guiding and pacing others and you are investing which coaching course to follow.

On this page, you can discover a little bit more about us, our programs and our history. We have a long successful and deep history in the field of coaching.

We have trained numerous coaches who are now relocated in various places in the world and are successfully practicing the Art of coaching!

We are mainly training individuals and teams who embrace a certain philosophy of coaching and who are ready to commit in developing what we like to name at C Ways Group "The coach Attitude".

What do we mean by Coach Attitude?

We mean a set of values reflecting the standards and ethics of the profession, we mean Emotional Intelligent coach with congruency within their heart, head and guts brains, as well as, body mind spirit alignment.

Become part of the coaching community

If you feel it resonates with you, take your place and enroll now to our coaching program.

Alternatively Get in Touch with us for a detailed discussion and decide whether you would like to move on with our team and become part of our coaching community.

Have a look at our Coaching Programs.

Become a coach


Become an accredited Professional or Master Coach (APC - AMC)


12 days + 1 day supervision
F2F & Webinars
10 hours Group &
Individual supervision
Certification APC
ACC portfolio ICF


22 days + 1 day supervision
F2F & Webinars
10 hours Group &
Individual supervision
Certification MPC
ACC & PCC portfolio ICF